Founded in 1998 by Gilles Fillion, DGF is a company whose head office is located in Lévis, Québec Canada. The company began operations specifically in swine production from livestock producers, integrators and various market participants. DGF participated in the development of high technology products in recent years and deals to distribute these products through the Canada and very soon in Europe.

The company seeks to establish and maintain the head position in Canada among the companies, providing its customers with products to increase their productivity, performance and profitability.

DGF always operates in Pintendre. Since the end of the year 2002, the company established new premises which are used for administration and service after sale of its products. The place was selected based on the access from the highway, near an airport, in the heart of the most important agricultural region allowing better accessibility to our customers.

Description of products and services:
DGF DGF mainly distributes products of high-technology. The company rely on the internal collaborating employees and his collaborating to ensure the service after sale. Our products are always delivered including a training and follow-up after sale.