New portable ultrasound scanners

Our ultrasound are among the highest performing in the industry. We select manufacturers according to their reliability and the quality of the components of the equipment. Because at DGF, the satisfaction of our customers is essential. The after-sales service, is our business. This is how we guarantee you a technical monitoring and an ultrasounds scanner repair service efficient and fast, directly in our workshops.
Used portable ultrasound scanners

Ultrasound scanner of experience, used and reconditioned. Removable used probes. Variety of portable ultrasound scanners sold with warranty.Variety of removable probes. The models vary depending on availability. Contact us for more information.
Freezing systems for the carcasses of dead animals

offers a revolutionary new product. The Frigo-Simplibac is easy to use and far more convenient than your old container. It brings no constraint in the case of transhipment, because the refrigeration unit is released automatically. It is even possible to adjust the temperature to refrigerate or freeze according to your needs.