Pork scale

  • Scale with 2 or 3 outputs and a display module
  • Mechanical system with air
  • Controller with from 1 to 8 cages available
  • Assembly fixtures

Super Sorter II

  • Up to 8 sorters can be connected to the main controller
  • The principal controller does not need to be installed in the breeding room and can therefore be dry and away from the dirt in the office or service area
  • All of these 8 sorters are programmed from the same place
  • The Pork group are divided into six different subgroups. The number of pigs as well as the average weight of each subgroup, will be displayed. This allows to know the uniformity of flock
  • The limitations of weight of each group can be incremented automatically, based on average weight of the previous day

Display module for Super sorter II

  • Clear weight and large format indicator, located on the top of each Super Sorter II, for easy reading
  • Display with 4 digits for a quick read of the weight
  • Power of 12 volts, without high voltage to the sorter
  • Entry for ear tag reader
  • Two outputs for paint marker
  • Reset to zero adjustment button
  • Period of evacuation to prevent that pigs are remain in the sorter
  • The sorter continues to weigh the pigs even if the communication with the main controller is broken

Poultry scales for chickens, young hens and breeder

  • High quality load cell
  • No electronic cable under the platform
  • The accumulation of litter and manure does not influence the accuracy of the weighing

Poultry scales for turkeys and breeder

  • Easily adjustable height
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Platform suspended with a chain

Target controller for poultry scales

  • Up to 4 scales can connect on a Target controller
  • To calculate the average of several scales and control each scale independently
  • Retains the information about the flock, in memory, for 125 days
  • Possibility of obtaining the average daily consumption and, the daily and cumulative feed conversion