Plate for rooster

  • This Cumberland rooster plate, which includes 8 separations, is made of a rugged and durable plastic. Shallow design for easy access with an edge specialy designed to avoid waste.

Broiler plate

  • This model HI-LO VIII of Cumberland became the best seller in the industry.With its retractable bottom unique concept, a single plate is used for birds from a few days until the adult age. Initially, the plate is directly on the ground to a height of 2.1 ". When the birds grow and that the line of the feeder is raised, the plate HI-LO adjusts automatically to 3.5 "in height. Constructed with a rugged and durable plastic. Edge designed to minimize waste Edge. Separations spaced to avoid the jamming of larger birds.

Plate for breeding hen

  • This plate for breeding offers the choice of three different grids, which ensures a total restriction of roosters to the hens feed. Entirely manufactured with a sturdy plastic and designed with a descent for food into two parts for a facility or a faster replacement.

Plate for adult female turkey

  • A classic design, available completely in galvanized steel or a bottom in plastic and a top in galvanized steel. The design in deep "V" and the edges of the plate prevents the maximum of the waste of food. The plate for turkey also includes a tube of square descent galvanized steel which allows easy swinging from the plate for cleaning and a for a level adjustment of the quick feed.

Plate for male turkey

  • This new design helps prevent the turkey to enter in the plate. Other features include, easy adjustment of the level of feed, adjustment of feed made with a manual lever and a disassembly of the plate for easy cleaning.

Feed dispenser Ultra-Drop

  • The Ultra-Drop dispenser is specially designed to be used with the automatic feeder in calving and gestation. A half-turn of the adjustment knob allows to adjust the dispenser from 1 to 8 lbs. The finish semi transparent of the casing allow to see the level of feed and the proper functioning of it. The dispenser Ultra-drop may be empty either with a manual lever or automatically with a timer and actuator system.

Feed dispenser Accu-Drop

  • The Accu-Drop dispenser may be adjusted from 1.5 to 12 lbs. This dispenser is pre assembled for quick installation and is made of stainless steel, of transparent pvc and of polypropylene for higher quality. Easy adjustment by loosening the knob and adjusting the interior tray. The Accu-Drop dispenser may be emptied or with a manual lever or automatically with a timer and actuator system.

Heating Pura Fire

  • Pura-Fire heating is available in 3 models: C80 (40,000 to 80,000 BTU/HR), C225 (225,000 BTU/h) and C225M (140,000 to 225,000 BTU/h). Each model is compatible with propane gas or natural gas. These heaters are constructed for maximum durability rust-resistant steel. The engine, gas valve and the control panel are protected from moisture and dust through the two doors of access. Easy access for quick maintenance.

System of line of water for poultry

  • Full range of Cumberland water line. All the benefits of the renowned and the quality Cumberland.

Incubator Pura Fire

  • Available for propane gas or natural gas. Designed for easy maintenance.

Silo unloader Cumberland and AP

  • Designed to adapt to any silos. Available in 2.2 "(55mm), 3" (75mm), 3.5 "(90mm) and 5" (125mm). Any unloader Cumberland and AP have a trap in polypropylene just above the screw to adjust the flow of feed or for completely shut down the system. Also, a hatch on the side of the casing is easily removable for an access available for inspection or cleaning.

Flexible screw ‘’Flex-Flo’’

  • Screw system Flex-Flo is headed by an engine from 1/3 to 1 / 2hp 358rpm (another speed are available for special applications). System with direct transmission or with belt. Switch to stop and start automatic with indicator light. Motor with thermostatic overload button to be able to restart the system when it is cooled. All electrical connections are made using plastic connectors in a sealed casing.

C--Feeder AP

  • The C-feeder AP is reducing, the breaking of the expensive cube of feed ,at least. A versatile system which adapts to any type of installation and is perfect for multi-ration programs. Different transmissions are available depending on the configuration of the system. These tube are available in clear pvc or in galvanized steel.

Corner for C-Feeder AP

  • The corners have a short radius which allows to turn the system on 180 degree within 24 ". The corners can be installed vertically or horizontally for maximum versatility. Sealed ball bearing allows a good lifetime without maintenance.

Screw for feed AP

  • The AP screws are manufactured with an expandable steel of very high quality. Available in 2.2 "(55mm), 3" (75mm), 3.5 "(90mm) and 5" (125mm).

Heating carpet for piglets

  • With the heating carpet AP "Hog hearth system", the cost of energy are considerably reduced. Compared to conventional heating lamps which uses between 125 and 250 watts, our carpet uses a maximum of 65watts by cage. Manufacture solid and sealed with a plastic reinforced with fiberglass which allows easy washing. Available in single or double model. These carpets are eligible for the discount of hydro-Québec within the framework of effective products program. The discount is $ 33 for a simple carpet and $ 53 for a double model.

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